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Program Objectives


Learning to prepare regional dishes is always a favorite cultural activity.

Most importantly, your Spanish will improve dramatically. The six-week course is equal to two college semesters.

Secondly, you will gain field exposure by shadowing experience in Peruvian or Chilean clinics.

Sample Itinerary – Spanish & Medicine (PDF)

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There is a program in each of Chile and Peru. Spanish classes are given at our language school, Ecela Cusco (Peru) or Ecela Santiago (Chile). Medical shadowing occurs at clinics in the city.


Summer 2014 Chile: May 25 (Sunday) – July 5 (Saturday)
Summer 2014 Peru: July 6 (Sunday) – August 16 (Saturday

The program is six weeks, however you can arrive early to get a head-start on your Spanish. Contact us about extra accommodation nights if you will be arriving early or staying later.


Sign up by 12/31/2013: From $2,299*
Sign up by 02/15/2014: From $2,399*
Sign up by 03/31/2014: From $2,499*

* includes Spanish course and healthcare components.

While we try to keep costs as low as possible, you may want to reduce the cost even further by looking into scholarships and financial aid.

Article: Cost Differences Between Colleges and Ecela

Academic Credit

While many students do the course just for the learning experience, you may (optionally) apply for college or university credit. The Spanish course can earn you up to six credits (two semesters). Read more about academic credit options.

Group Size

We have space for up to 30 students, however some of the spots are reserved for students who had to defer from attending the 2013 program.

Application Process

Step 1. Fill out the pre-application form.
Step 2: Wait up to two work days for us to check space availability and your qualifications.
Step 3: Fill out official application form. We will email you the link.
Step 4: We will review your qualifications for acceptance.
Step 5: Confirm within 30 days with a small $300 deposit.

Spanish Prerequisite


You’ll probably agree that our small classes (never more than eight students) greatly enhance the student experience.

There is no minimum level of Spanish. As this is an immersion program, much of the field exposure will be in Spanish, however we will usually provide an English translation of the main points.

Details about the Ecela Spanish Curriculum.

Housing Options

You will most likely choose to live with either a host family (includes breakfast and dinner) or a shared student apartment. The local host provides a more immersive experience, while the student apartment is more social.

More details on Ecela housing.

Cultural Activities & Weekend Excursions

Your Ecela program will be a lot of work. We do not deny that. However, a large part of your experience abroad is learning about and participating in the local culture. Read more about activities in Cusco and Santiago.

Alternative Programs

If you cannot make the program dates, or in the event all spots are full, you may participate in our standard Spanish course, with start dates year-round. However, the special program is only offered on the specific dates above.

Student Testimonials

To get a feel for our who studies at Ecela and their experiences, you are encouraged to browse our testimonials and our youtube channel. Our facebook page also has regular posts spotlighting staff and students.


spanish language school homestay in Santiago, Chile

Tip: Bring a small, yet meaningful, gift for your host mom.

Review the below articles to help prepare for your course.

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Free Materials

You can start getting ready for Latin America with our popular free eSeries (email cultural lessons). Each is bilingual and contains a Spanish lesson of an idiomatic expression.

Cinema Latino – receive a weekly review of a Latin American film. (delivered every Tuesday)
Destinos Latinos – visit a different Latin destination each week. (delivered every Thursday)

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Pre-Application – No payment information or commitment. 3-minute application form to reserve a spot in the program. If you qualify and we can confirm a spot you will have 30 days to pay a small $300 deposit.

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