About Ecela & Why Students Choose Us

If you have discovered our page, you certainly know that you have many options for learning Spanish:

Online instruction, smart phone apps, high school courses, college courses, self-study books, private tutors, and....

Yes, even other Spanish schools.

There are options in 83+ locations, some with a dozen or so schools.

How do you decide?

Top 7 Reasons Why People Choose Ecela to Get Them Fluent in Spanish while Experiencing the Culture & Making New Friends

We ask our students why they have chosen to learn Spanish at Ecela, despite cheaper, closer, or more convenient options.

These are the reasons they most commonly give…

REASON ONE Student Reviews

They have come across hundreds of written feedback forms, audio interviews & transcripts, and video reviews.

Hear from people from similar backgrounds to yours and see people of different backgrounds and Spanish levels, but that you’d like to meet between classes.

Witnessing the wide range of students that have had an effective (and enjoyable) experience gives confidence in their choice of Ecela, rather than taking a chance on an unproven alternative.

Twins from Australia describe their time at Ecela

REASON TWO Quick Path to Spanish Fluency

People come to us because they want to learn Spanish, not merely to study it.

They want to be able to use it to form relationships, to improve their job prospects, or to have deeper travel experiences.

Not just to pass a grammar quiz.

Our 50/50 classroom balance of structure and conversation usually results in surprisingly fast gains, unlike some schools which, unfortunately, are sometimes described as “just a high school class in an exotic location.”

The Ecela Fluency Acceleration System gets you advancing quickly with a mixture of fundamentals (grammar & vocabulary), structured practice, and real-world interactions.  

Emily on the teachers and how she "can finally converse in Spanish."

REASON THREE 6 Schools in 3 Countries

Having multiple locations, all following the same schedule and curriculum, gives our students variety & flexibility which can’t be met at schools that lock you into one location.

Some of our students “school hop” between all Ecelas. 

Others stay put, but appreciate the availability of an invigorating change of scenery – just in case they need an escape.

Matthew (who started at No Spanish) shows off his progress after all six Ecela schools.

REASON FOUR Safe Neighborhoods

One of our strict requirements is that our schools be in a safe, residential neighborhood.

While many schools choose the convenience of downtown, we know that facing the noise pollution and congestion everyday can drain a student’s energy, and dampen the overall experience.

That is why we stick to more relaxed residential areas.

Dan reflects on how he was treated by the staff at Ecela.

REASON FIVE Recommended by Trusted Advisors

Top language travel specialists around the globe send their clients to Ecela. including:

  • Avista (Norway)
  • Boa Lingua (Switzerland)
  • Bundgard Rejser (Denmark)
  • Groupe Terratours (Canada)
  • InterLanguage (Holland)
  • Language International (United States)
  • Linguland (Germany)
  • Nahleh Educational Consultations (Jordan)
  • StudyGlobal (France)
  • WEP International (Belgium)
  • and dozens more....

Stephanie (Belgium) thanks the staff and teachers at her farewell.

REASON SIX Focus on Conversation

We don’t ignore grammar (it’s still 50% of class), but we do place a heavy emphasis on speaking abilities. This lets our students develop the Spanish they can use in everyday situations, rather than being just “good on paper” but lacking sufficient oral skills.

Unfortunately, the typical high school or college class, and even many language schools, way overstress the grammar side and don’t give students the opportunity to actually practice what they are studying.

This would be like learning the piano only by watching 10 hours of instructional videos, yet touching an actual piano only 5 minutes.

Or learning basketball by reading books of strategy and technique, but rarely stepping on an actual court with other players.

Or learning to drive with only drivers education classes - but no time behind the wheel.

Learning a language is no different – it takes study AND practice, which is why we spend so much time on conversation, getting you the “reps” you need to get fluent quickly.

Pat explains why the course structure and her rapid progress.

REASON SEVEN Supportive Environment

Rich Hance from the USA put it best:  

"ECELA’s schools are more than just language schools, they are learning communities that support the sometimes challenging process of learning another language. The teachers and support staff are the key to the success."

You will meet students of different ages, nationalities, professions, and interests...

...but all have the common goal of working toward better Spanish while experiencing the local culture.

Rachel on her classmates and how they quickly became her new friends.

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