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Spanish & Counseling Study Abroad:  "Earn 9 credits of Spanish, shadow social workers & psychologists, and live with an Argentine family" [Summer 2018]

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Stay updated on the Argentina study abroad program where you can Learn Spanish & Gain Counseling Field Exposure (Summer 2018)

NOTE: If you are already fluent in Spanish, this program is not the right fit.

Spanish & Counseling (in Argentina) Program at a Glance:

Spanish language course

Spanish Course

Receive credit for 3 semesters of Spanish (but learn much more)

Study in small group environment carefully designed for rapid fluency development.​

Spanish language course

Social Services Shadowing

First-hand observation of Argentine social workers and psychologists in a variety of public and private facilities.

Family Homestay

Develop your empathy for the Latino culture by living with a host family.

Your home abroad is​ your window to the Latin American culture and a source of local expertise.

What our students say...

There’s a poster on the wall here that says that ECELA is an unforgettable experience, and I can’t agree more!!!

My grammar and conversation classes, the cultural experiences, the volunteer projects, and living in a homestay have all helped me improve my Spanish and learn about Argentina.

In my grammar classes, we learned basic concepts in a way that made them easy to understand. We used examples to learn grammatical rules and we practiced them with oral, listening, reading, and writing activities. Also, we learned about aspects of the language that are unique to Argentina, like lunfardo and idiomatic expressions.

The conversation class was a laid-back place to practice my Spanish, meet my classmates, and have profound conversations. We talked about Argentine history, culture, traditions, and daily life, and compared Argentina to my country, the USA.

Also, we participated in cultural activities to get to know Argentine traditions. We made empanadas, danced tango, went to the mountains, saw a tango show, listened to music, went shopping, visited wineries, and volunteered.

The most useful part of my experience was living with an Argentine family. They taught me things about daily life that I could never have learned from a textbook. My family had so much patience with my grammar, and the more I practiced Spanish, the more I learned.

Thank you so much, ECELA and the teachers, for a fantastic experience.

Callie Rose MarbyIowa



Gerald LucasNew Jersey

I studied on my own a little bit, never in a school, but I took a short Berlitz language class in the US. They [ECELA and Berlitz] are not even comparable.ECELA is far better. 

Berlitz is world-renowned, but there is no comparison at all.

The teachers at ECELA are trained in linguistics and how to teach language. I’m just blown away by how good all of the teachers are."

"The teachers are amazing - they really know what they are doing and they really care about you."

Ana and Adora explain the class structure.

"..it's really challenged us but we've learned a lot."

"It has been a phenomenal experience and I've learned a ton of Spanish and made many new friends."

"Overall it's a fantastic experience and well worth it."

"I've met a lot of people from around the world and my Spanish is so much better."

The world's leading language travel specialists choose Ecela for Spanish immersion in Argentina, Chile, or Peru:

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Did you know that the USA already has more Spanish speakers than Spain?  

Studies predict that within two generations we will pass Mexico to have the world's largest Spanish-speaking population.

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NOTE: If you are already fluent in Spanish, this program is not the right fit.