Activities and Excursions in Buenos Aires

Horseback riding in Buenos Aires

Fun Activities Around the City

Tango Dancing

Ecela Buenos Aires has several course offerings for tango enthusiasts. Show off what you’ve learned at one of Buenos Aires’ many tango hot spots downtown. From Salon Canning to the popular El Baso nightclub, experiencing a traditional milonga social outing firsthand is a great way to relax and have fun while studying Spanish in Buenos Aires. If you’re more interested in learning the history of the tango than dancing the tango, you might enjoy scheduling a nearby tango tour in the area.


If you’re visiting Buenos Aires during the winter months, expect the weather to be quite hot. That’s right – Buenos Aires’ warmest months are December and January. To stay cool, students often take refuge at nearby beaches and outdoor swimming pools in the city.

Horseback Riding

In Buenos Aires, you’ll find a wide range of unique horseback riding opportunities to be had with other students, your instructors and on your own. Ecela Buenos Aires can help you arrange the perfect horseback riding experience all throughout Buenos Aires and the beautiful Pampas landscape. A few popular places that offer horseback riding tours in the Buenos Aires area include Colonia Historical & Horse Riding, The Outdoor Vibe and Say Hueque Argentina Journeys.


Buenos Aires is also filled with some of the best hiking trails in South America including Sendero Claro Oscuro, Garganta Olvidada and Villa Arcadia. For many students, hiking is a fun and simple way to get some fresh air outside of class and enjoy the scenery.

Ice Skating

Buenos Aires’ famous Polar City ice rink is open year round and is the perfect alternative for those who want to stay active, but need a break from the hot sun and outdoors. Visit Polar City’s official website for more information.

Weekend Excursions and Day Trips


There are several beautiful parks near Buenos Aires including Plaza Francia, which is known for its famous, long-running Buenos Aires street fair called Hippie Fair Crafts Market, or “feria hippie.” Visit the park’s official website for more information.


The great thing about studying Spanish at Ecela Buenos Aires is that your experience will be one part schoolwork and one part vacation. Whether after class, in between class, or on the weekend, be sure to spend some time relaxing at one of Argentina’s famous beaches. Perhaps one of the most famous nearby beach areas is Pinamar. Pinamar is located about 250 miles south of Buenos Aires and features some amazing ocean views.

Iguazu Falls

Nature and technology collide at Iguazu Falls, one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America. The falls are located on the Iguazu River, which forms the border between Brazil and Argentina. On a visit to the falls, you can observe both wild, crashing, cataracts of water and a modern engineering marvel – the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant and dam. Tours of the dam are offered daily, but we recommend scheduling a night tour on a Friday or Saturday so you can see the dam lit up. Click here for more information.

Ranches and Estancias

A weekend trip to a Buenos Aires ranch, or “estancias” is the perfect complement to your Spanish immersion experience in Argentina. When you visit a local ranch, you’ll not only spend time in a beautiful environment, but also learn a great deal about the historic traditions of living and working on a ranch. Other activities on estancias include fishing, bird watching, hiking, horseback riding and boat trips. Some estancias even offer demonstrations on sheep shearing and animal maintenance. The entire experience will likely be one of the most memorable weekends of your entire Spanish immersion program in Argentina. Click here for more information.