Medical Spanish Courses

Each medical Spanish course we offer at Ecela Spanish aims to confront common language gap barriers in healthcare by preparing pre-med students with the communication tools they need to treat future Spanish-speaking patients safely, humanely and empathetically. Medical students choose Ecela to learn medical Spanish, but will often leave the school with a high level of Spanish fluency that gives them an edge on otherwise equal job and graduate school applicants.

Peruvian LandscapePart of what makes studying medicine abroad such a great experience for healthcare students is getting the opportunity to work with such a diverse and often under-served portion of the South American population on a regular basis. Whether you choose to study medical Spanish in Argentina, Peru, Chile, you can expect to have a rewarding and memorable experience.

Medical Study Abroad Program Details

  • Spend up to 9 Weeks in South America– Learn medical Spanish in Chile, Peru or Argentina.
  • Healthcare Field Exposure – Our medical Spanish courses provide supplementary role-playing and vocabulary classes in addition to medical shadowing opportunities in real-world clinics.
  • Earn up to 9 College Credits – When you study medicine abroad with Ecela, you will receive up to 9 weeks of standard Spanish immersion coursework, which is the equivalent to three college semesters.
  • Live with a Host Family or Other Students – For many of our pre-med Spanish students, the homestay is a major highlight of the program. But you can also choose to live with other students in a shared flat. Housing is included in tuition.

Is Medical Spanish Immersion Right for You?

Ecela student in PeruSpanish is an increasingly important skill for healthcare professionals in the United States, and in many cases, it’s a strict qualification requirement as well. Without mastering Spanish, you’ll be doing a disservice to Spanish-speaking patients and perhaps even putting them at serious risk.

Still uncertain about studying medicine abroad? Ecela Spanish is the right place for you if:

  • You are curious about other cultures and want to see how South American healthcare systems operate. Learning how countries with limited resources can still make things work is a very valuable experience for any pre-med student or healthcare professional.
  • You like the idea of traveling abroad, forming new relationships and accumulating memorable travel stories.
  • You can step out of your comfort zone, live in unfamiliar surroundings, try foods you wouldn’t normally eat and engage with people who are far different than your friends and family back home.
  • You genuinely want to become a healthcare professional who’s capable of helping Spanish-speaking patients by understanding not only their language, but also their cultural history and background.

If this sounds like you, then Ecela Spanish might be the perfect place for you to continue your healthcare career. At Ecela Spanish, you’ll not only greatly improve your medical Spanish language skills, gain valuable healthcare experience and dive deep into South American culture, but you’ll also position yourself in a unique way that stands out from the crowd in a competitive field.

No prior Spanish is required to participate in our Medical Spanish courses. Our goal is to significantly improve your Spanish, whatever your starting point may be. Whether you’re starting as a complete beginner, or are already very advanced, we have appropriate medical Spanish immersion programs for all levels.

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