I loved my time at Ecela lima the Teacher are very friendly and lend a helpful hand if you are having Trouble understanding a topic they will also help you get around the city of lima if you love to go and explore. The School location is in a very nice part of Lima where you can walk around to the Kennedy Park and provides a great of night life for students who love to go out . In your time while at school you get to meet different people from around the world. Also the daily activities are very educating about the history of Peru and very fun. I would highly recommend booking Classes at Ecela Shout to all the Staff for all of their hard work .Nos vemos pronto Viva El Peru

Adrian Vaillancourt - ECELA Lima


I came to Ecela because I didn’t like the school I originally attended, and I think I made the right decision! As soon as I got to Ecela I met incredibly nice people, especially Ygor. I participated in the excursions, and they are unforgettable. It’s a shame that I couldn’t stay longer, but maybe I’ll be able to come back. At the very least I’ll tell all of my friends to come here and visit Peru.
I miss you!
From the United States
August 2009


United States

Thank you so much for the great time i had here in Cusco, i wish i knew about Cusco and school here more, so i could plan to spend more time here versus in other cities. Thank you my teachers Judy and Javier for teaching me my "favorite" subjuntivo.
Ygor, great job with all the activities planning. It's hard to lave cusco. when there is always something interesting going on. Carmen and the rest of school(Lourdes, Angelina, Tatiana) , thank you for making the stay so enjoyable and warm.
I will miss our nights nex to the fire, cooking, wine and going out... many many nights except altitude (that make a simple walk a tremendous excersize

Aleksandra Mayevska, Ukrania

Spanish Schol in Argentina, Chile & Peru

ECELA lima, autant dire l’endroit parfait pour apprendre l’espagnol, j’y ai passé 3 mois et aujourd’hui je ne regrette pas une seconde mon choix. D’une part car Lima est une ville très intéressante, toujours quelques chose à faire, à visiter, toujours un endroit ou sortir, et de plus des plages plus qu’intéressante pour surfer. D’autre part l’école avec son personnel toujours avec le sourire, des personnes supers agréables et charmantes (en majorité féminines, ce qui aide) que j’ai continué à voir après mes semaines de cours et qui sont devenues des amies voir un peu comme une famille, un point de repère dans Lima où j’ai pu aller demander de l’aide dès que j’en avais le besoin. Mon frère avait déjà eu une super expérience avec ECELA, me l’avait recommandé et aujourd’hui je ne peux que confirmer. Voilà que dire de plus à part que si je dois retourner en Amérique latine sûr je ferais un détour par ECELA Lima et que si je dois reprendre des cours je passerais forcément par ECELA. Pour finir, et le faire correctement, un grand MERCI à cette belle équipe d’ECELA Lima pour m’avoir laissé après 3 mois avec un espagnol plus que correct et bien sûr enrichi par cette super expérience.

Alexis Croz - Ecela Lima Peru


My name is Alison, and I’m from the US, where I’m a student at Luther College. I studied at ECELA for two weeks. I can’t believe all that I learned and saw in such a short time! I had classes with ECELA teachers in the mornings, and in the afternoons we had cultural activities. Now I can make empanadas, speak a little lunfardo (Buenos Aires slang), and dance tango. I visited the mountains, rafted, trekked, and went on a canopy tour. Before going I never thought that I would do so much in just two weeks! I also can’t image a group of people nicer than the ECELA staff. Every day starts with enthusiasm and a smile. I’ll remember these two weeks and I’ll never forget these times.

Allison Gieswein


The school is great all-around: classes, cleanliness, and organization. With a teacher as excellent as Carolina Villalobos, each lesson was clear and well-explained. That’s why I never left class with any unresolved questions.
I would have liked to have stayed longer, but it wasn’t possible. Now that I have all the information, I hope to return at another time and take one-on-one classes. I’m thankful for the administration, the teacher, and my classmates. ¡¡¡Gracias!!!

Ana Paula Santos

Ecela Viña del Mar

I always wanted to get to know Chile, and being able to do so was a huge life accomplishment.
Studying at the school was perfect. I learned so much and experienced so much more than I would have if I had only came on vacation. I stayed for four marvelous weeks, and every day was filled with well-planned activities, and the parties were perfect.
Most importantly I met people who became my friends. People from Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, France, etc. They’ll be in my heart forever.
Last but not least, those who work at the school: I love all of you and I will miss you so, so much!
I made extraordinary friendships with the staff. They became part of my life; they’re like family to me. Thanks for everything!
…You are all so special to me…
Every day I’m so thankful that I chose Santiago out of the thousands of options that I had.
See you in July! I’ll come back to ski and see you!

Ana Paula Vasconcellos


Every second I was in Lima and Cuzco I couldn’t stop talking about how happy I was with ECELA. I made great memories that will always stay with me: being welcomed by the airport transfer when I arrived, dynamic classes, fantastically-planned extracurricular activities, lunches and dinners based on a diet of roasted chicken, scallops, and a lot of ceviche…not to mention all of the friendships and the shopping!

I’m eternally grateful to the excellent professors and the institution, as well as to my friends who always made me feel like part of the family. Lima and ECELA are, without a doubt, a combination that makes Peru an enjoyable and welcoming place. I would recommend it to anyone!

Thank you so much, ECELA, for making my trip an unforgettable experience! Andre Tokunaga, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

André Tokunaga – Lima Spanish School

I had a really great time at ECELA in santiago de Chile. the teachers are so nice and i learnt a lot. altough it's easier to write this in english :-) unfortunately swiss german is a little bit hard to understand... the activities were also very funny and there was all the time something to do for everyone. good idea about the cooking-evenings... maybe more programs about the city (to get to know the city better would be great). i wish you all the best and it was AWESOME!!! Andrea Hofmeister, Suiza (09.08.10)

Andrea Hofmeister, Suiza

Spanish School in Santiago Chile

Spanish School in Buenos Aires, Argentina - Newly arrived in a big city, from a diverse range of countries, ages, backgrounds, staying for varying periods of time to gel and get along? Most people would find this a nearly impossible task but they seem to manage it at ECELA Spanish School in Buenos Aires with the fantastic range of activities on offer and the care they take to attend to students needs. Be it housing, trips out of town, nightclubs, restaurants or healthcare there is always someone on hand to advise. Most of the staff are born and bred Porteños too so the advice is as authentic as it can possibly be! Having taught English as a foreign language myself I can appreciate the quality of the Spanish teaching at ECELA BA. All of the teachers used the most up to date L2 techniques and as well as having a passion for their native language the general atmosphere was one that seemed to be designed to foster active communication wherever possible. Many of the teachers speak 3 or 4 languages themselves and have a fervent interest in linguistics. As well as the usual classes there are also free tutorials every day and conversational groups in the evenings. As well as all this what really came as a pleasant surprise however was the attention the non teaching staff paid to the extra curricular needs of the students I would recommend ECELA Spanish School in Buenos Aires to anyone, of any age, from any background who has a passion for new experiences.

Andrew Newell, 30 years, England

Spanish School in Buenos Aires

I absolutely LOVED Cusco's ECELA school! Cusco itself is such an amazing city and the professors at ECELA make it such a better experience since they know the ins and outs of the city and gladly share their information with their students. I've never seen such experienced and dediacted professors as the ones in Cusco. I recommend anyone to go to this school. I arrived there semi-fluent and with 2 weeks of group classes (which ended up being just me and my professor) I left there speaking spanish with confidence!

Angela Almaguer, USA

Spanish School in Cusco

First of all, thank you so much for everything!
I had a great time during the 3 weeks I spent here: I met a ton of people, went to many interesting restaurants, had a lot of parties (and drank too much!), visited several different places in Buenos Aires, learned to dance tango (I love my teacher Pablo!)…and I think/hope I learned a little Spanish!
Seriously, I speak Spanish much better than I did three weeks ago. Maybe now I speak Spanish better than I speak French…that might be a problem when I return to Geneva!
Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, but it’s also freezing! Just like London!
Thanks to all of my excellent professors! I love Leila…but she’s completely crazy!!
I’m going to miss Buenos Aires and everyone.
Unfortunately, it’s time for me to go, but I hope to come back soon.
I’d especially like to thank Pilar.

Angela Canmer, 32, UK

Spanish School in Buenos Aires, Argentina

I’ve been an ECELA Lima student for three weeks. These 3 weeks have been fantastic. I’ve met so many nice people from all around the world. The teachers are really nice, and they make the classes really fun. You learn so much in the classes! The school also offers a wide variety of activities every week. You can learn to cook or make pisco. There are excursions in Lima and others that take you a little farther away, like to the Ballesta Islands in the South. ECELA is a really well organized school.
If you have the chance to volunteer for a day, I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful, unique experience. Seeing the poor children smile brightens up your day. Volunteering doesn’t feel like work, it’s more like having the opportunity to do something good for someone else. In the end, the kids are as happy as the volunteers.
Peruvian food is delicious. There are so many tasty fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of the dishes you should try are ceviche, tamal, and definitely chicharrón!
And obviously Peruvian people are so friendly. I always felt safe. You do have to get used to the traffic; you could say it’s a bit wild and crazy, but honestly I miss it now. There’s always something going on in the streets of Lima; it’s never boring!
Lima was a time in my life that I’ll never forget. Everyone should go and spend a vacation as wonderful as mine was.

Angela Nadia Graca - ECELA Lima


After researching many study abroad programs in Latin America, I found ECELA Lima and, from the beginning, knew I had found the perfect match. The staff and administrators at ECELA are wonderful; they are so helpful, organized, and very friendly—they work hard to keep each student happy. The professors of ECELA Lima are also gems: they are effective teachers, enthusiastic, make learning Spanish fun, care deeply about students, and are always available for extra help. In fact, since returning to the U.S., professors have continued to be available whenever I have any questions. If you are interested in the ECELA housing, I also highly recommend it. Casa ECELA is a 15 minute walk to school—it is safe, clean, and so much fun— you get to meet students from all over the world; study, cook, explore, travel and party together. Finally, I loved studying in Miraflores, a beautiful neighborhood of Lima, right by the ocean and close to a major shopping/entertainment complex. There is plenty to do in the city—visit ruins, museums, & downtown Lima; try the many fabulous restaurants; enjoy the great nightlife, and make exciting weekend trips to experience beautiful Peru (Cusco, Nasca, Arequipa, among many other places) . I will never forget my time in Miraflores at ECELA Lima-- and hope to return soon for further studies! My last recommendation—try the alfajores (a type of pastry) at Havanna, in Larcomar. So delicious!

Anita Sharma


After fourteen weeks studying with ECELA in Santiago, Bariloche, and Buenos Aires, I would highly recommend the school to anyone who is seeking an enriching, comprehensive, and fun language learning experience. Each school offered engaging professors, well organized teaching materials, excellent administrative support, comfortable classrooms, enjoyable cultural excursions, and diverse and dynamic classmates. Thanks to ECELA, I not only greatly improved my Spanish abilities, but I also have fabulous new friends and amazing memories from three incredible cities.

Ann Glotzbach, USA

I Learned Spanish in Santiago, Bariloche, and Buenos Aires

ECELA is the best school for foreigners.
Not only does it have smart professors that explain everything well, but it also gives us the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom with lessons about cooking, lunfardo (Buenos Aires slang), and tango. And you also have the chance to volunteer for a great cause. The school offers a variety of opportunities for people to learn everything about Argentine culture. I hope that I can go back some day. Gracias!

Anna Murray


This was the second time that I had a very good experience with Ecela. I went to Ecela in Santiago a few years ago, and I went again this past summer (North American summer). Ecela strikes a good balance between effective, hard work and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Ecela was also flexible, making it possible for me to meet my needs and have an enjoyable summer. All of my teachers were intent on their teaching, and worked hard to help us learn. All of my teachers were like my friends, but also they were skilled at teaching Spanish to non-native speakers, and they were proud of their skills as teachers.

When I am ready to improve my Spanish and spend the money to travel again, I will be back at Ecela.

Anne-Marie Waddell, USA

Spanish Abroad Buenos Aires & Santiago

My experience at ECELA Buenos Aires
Five months ago, I had a lot of questions. Should I go to Buenos Aires? Or Spain? And which school should I attend?
At some point I decided: I’m going to Buenos Aires, to Ecela! And that was one of the best decisions of my life.
I arrived in Buenos Aires on Sunday, November 20, and I was planning to stay for four months. I lived with other Ecela students in an apartment that was just a five minute walk from the school. On my first day, I met my roommate, a girl from the US, and we became friends immediately. On Monday I went to the school for the first time and took a placement exam so that the teachers could decide which level I should start out in. After that test, I met a ton of other new students from different countries, like Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Norway, and Australia.
My first class was with a few girls who had been at the school for a few weeks already. I had a really nice professor, and we started right away with “the preterit.” After class there was a welcome lunch. It was a another great opportunity to meet people! During the first week I went around the whole city. Buenos Aires is a fantastic city. What I liked the most is that there are so many different places: huge parks, the microcentro business district, historic neighborhoods, and Palermo with its many clubs, bars, and restaurants. The city is so beautiful, and the porteños are kind and courteous in my opinion.
I loved my time in Buenos Aires! After just two or three weeks I felt like I was at home, like it was my country. The school became a second home, and the people there are extremely nice! They helped me whenever I had any concerns, questions, or complaints. Also, the teachers are fantastic. I had 8 (!) different professors while I was there, and every single one was buenísimo! Classes are fun, and the classroom activities have enough variety. Every teacher explained things clearly, was patient, recommended restaurants and things to do, and gave a lot of other good advice.
I loved that it was such a different experience. I met people from many different countries, made so many strong friendships, and always had a splendid time with all of the students.
Of course it’s challenging at times, and of course I sometimes missed my friends and family. But I had a family here too, and everyone feels that way sometimes. In the end, I honestly didn’t want to return home!
If you’re not sure, I recommend that you come to Buenos Aires. The city is amazing, and the school is a great choice for studying Spanish, meeting people, and enjoying life!
I’d like to thank everyone at the school. I had a fantastic time and I’ll miss you all. If at any point I travel to Buenos Aires, I’ll be sure to visit you!

Anne-Sophie van Gruijthuijsen

Ecela Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish schools: My goal was to learn Spanish, meet new (and interesting) people and do some voluntary work. All of this I found in ECELA, and more! They look out for you, organize activities for you and make you feel at home. The teachers were really good and made sure I found the best study-method for me. It was the best experience in my life. I wouldn´t have want to miss it for the world!

Slogan: Wanna be safe, wanna learn and wanna have a good time. And wanna be sure of all of this, go ECELA

Annelot Kuipers


Ein paar Eindrücke von meinem mehrwöchigen Aufenthalt in Ecela im März und April 2007:
Kulturenmischmasch im Pausenraum, ich probe ich mein gerade erworbenen Sprachkenntnisse mit Franzosen, Amerikanern, Chinesen und Brasilianern und auch wenn manchmal die Händefußtechnik nachelfen muss, irgendwie klappts mit der Verständigung. Nach einem Café und zwei Medialunas fühle ich mich auch gestärkt genug um die nächste Stunde in Angriff zu nehmen... höchste Konzentration ist gefordert um meinem jungen Lehrer Marcelo und seinem aktiven Unterricht zu folgen... doch mit dem Konversationsteil des Unterrichts lässt auch die Anspannung nach und das Gelernte kann sich setzten.
Nach der Schule ist es aber noch lange nicht vorbei, denn schließlich gehört um eine Sprache zu lernen mehr dazu als bloße Paukerei und wo lernt sich das besser als in der Praxis?
Zu Fuß wird die Stadt erkundigt, geführt von der energischen Natasha die die internationale Truppe immer wieder zusammentreibt und allerlei Interessantes über ihre Stadt und ihr Land zu erzählen weiß.
Unvergesslich sind mir auch die Abende bei argentinischer Folklore und Tango geblieben. Neben einer Menge an neuem Wissen habe ich schönen Erinnerungen an gesellige Abende mitgenommen von denen mir ein oder zwei sehr wertevolle Freunde geblieben sind.

Annemarie Gunkel, 22, Deutchland

Sprachschule in Buenos Aires, Argentinien

I expected that the couple of months I’d spend in Chile would be special, but my time at the school gave me much more than I could have imagined. I met very nice people among the staff and the teachers, as well as among the students. I’m sure that I’ll see them again and keep in contact.
I always wanted to lean Spanish, and I can’t think of a better way than with Ecela. I love Chile and the people here, and the school gave me the chance to get to know this country.
Since I didn’t have time at my farewell party to say all the names of the people who meant so much to me, here they are, although I’m sure that I’m forgetting more than one:
Edith, Astrid, Rodrigo, Franciso, Gabriela, Monica, Andrea, Debora, Marisol, Susana, Paolo, Kira, Cristian, Idania, Aunt Lucy, Aunt Jimena, and especially Felipe: Muchas gracias!
Also, “muchas gracias” to many students from other countries that I met at Ecela.
All of you are a part of my life that I’m going to miss. I’ll see you when I come back; I’m certain I will.
Love you guys so much,


Antonia Baer, Germany

Spanish School in Chile

I spent two weeks at Ecela in Bariloche, and the only thing I regret is that I didn't stay there longer. The teachers are good, and the activities after school is a great way to do something with other students from the school. After a couple of days it felt like I'd been going to school with the other students for a couple of years! Staff at the school are also extremely helpfull in guiding you around the city - be it the bars or best place for laundry, and they can even book a round of golf for you! I travel solo, and going to Ecala in Bariloche is one of the best travelling decitions I've ever made, I can easily see myself going back sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Asger Kring, Dinamarca

Spanish School in Bariloche

Coming from Buenos Aires. I was unsure what to expect from the size and town of Mendoza, and also the school i was pleasantly surprise. The smaller student to teacher ratio was wonder ful and so extremely help ful with my quest to further conquer spanish. Everyone at the school was absolutely wonderful and i truely everijoyed my time here at ECELA and in Mendoza. It was rough without other youngsters like myself, but the staff and my host family (Leti and Emmanuel) were wonder ful and completely made up for everything - Thank you so much for this great experence, and BINGO is a great tradition you need to start! It was a great event and experience in all.

Thanks for all
Best Wishes
Bailey Cavins

EEUU Texas

Bailey Cavins

EEUU Texas

Cusco was the second ECELA school I attended in South America. I learned more spanish there then anywhere else. I absolutely loved my time there. Cusco is a perfect sized city which is very touristic, but still retains a lot of it's cultural herritage and charm.
Both the student house and the school were in a great area and very close to the Plaza de Armas. The staff in Cusco was so friendly and helpful. Everyday there was something fun planned, from horseback riding in the nearby ruins, to shopping at the local markets. At night I felt comfortable going out with the group, and the places we went to were very nice. One night there was even a live band that I loved.
I also went to Machu Picchu, and even though I didn't go with the school, they were so very helpful in helping me plan my trip. I highly recommend doing the entire Inca Trail as there are many impressive ruins along the way. But ending at Machu Picchu was the best. My only regret is that I wish I could've had more time there!

Barbara Mislan, USA

Spanish School in Cusco, Peru

hello, I am very satisfied about the Spanish course at Escela buenos aires. the staff is very friendly and willing to help. They are young and vibrant people and enthousiastic. this makes tha vibe at escela a pleasant one...i enjoyed staying there. The teacher i had is also very enthousiastic and skilled. He knows a lot about didactics and how to teach others a new language. He is very devoted and patient.....repeats a lot and is also demanding, wich i like a lot...he makes the students speak Spanish, even is it hard or them in the beginning and he stays very patient...he also takes his job very serious and adds a lot of humor!I alos likethe activities that escela offers..very various and a great way to get to know fellow students and the Argentinian way of life. greetings Bastiaan Baeten Holland

Bastiaan Baeten


My time at ECELA Mendoza was unforgettable. Mendoza is a beautiful city with many cultural events. I love the parks and the squares, especially Plaza Independencia.

The teachers at ECELA are excellent; they’re friendly and attentive, and the activities, like the Olympics, are really fun. Between the professors and the other students, the school is a truly caring place, and I loved the month I spent here in Mendoza.

In Mendoza I volunteered with an organization called AVOME. It’s a service for single mothers and their families. At AVOME, I played with the kids for three hours twice a week. We painted, drew, built things with huge Legos, and played on the playground. I gave many piggy-back rides! The ages of the kids at AVOME ranged from one or two years old to thirteen, and they do a lot of work with the youngest children. They’re adorable, and I had so much fun with them every time.
I think that all ECELA students should volunteer with AVOME while they’re in Mendoza.

Becca Weber


This is my ninth week at Ecela Viña del Mar and I've enjoyed every one of my 45 days here. The teachers are very professional and very informal at the same time. They skillfully tailor the classes to the needs of the students. During the Monday welcomes and the Friday goodbyes, as well as during all of the breaks, everyone talks and jokes around together. The afternoon activities have included a wide range of things: going salsa dancing in the evening, walking on the dunes and visiting museums, to name just a few. I'd be happy to study 9 more weeks here!

Becky Walzer

I really enjoyed getting to study and live in Buenos Aires for a little while and also Mendoza afterwards. I felt like it gave me a good feel of the whole country and not just the big city. It was very easy and affordable to travel. The mountains are beautiful, the weather is perfect, the city is alive with its own culture and activity, and you get to drink great wine! Everyone at the school was so welcoming, and they really are committed to making sure that you not only learn Spanish but also feel comfortable and have a lot of fun!

Bill Walker: ECELA Mendoza

United States

I’m so happy, I’m going to give thanks:
Thank you, Nadia, for your energy!
Thank you, Rocío, for your patience!

During the three weeks I spent here, the students and the staff have been very kind. Pilar is a very nice and efficient person.
We’re going to travel around Argentina, but when we return to Norway I want to keep studying Spanish. Maybe we can come back to ECELA, either here or somewhere else.

Bjorg Orheim, ECELA Buenos Aires


It´s not easy to choose a school to learn the Spanish language if there is an abundance of them in a city like Lima. We were very happy to find Ecela, were it was possible to start immediately with no previous knowledge of Spanish. Our class had five different nationalities, and every week some new students, which was a lot of fun to compare languages and learn from each other and make friends. The classes are small, what leads to an almost individual approach. The teachers are very professional, young and funny. You don’t expect of course to speak a language in four weeks but everything depends on yourself. The harder you work the better you get.
The nice thing about the Ecela system is that you can take a break, travel a bit and continue in different schools all over South-America. It’s made for travelers and that’s also the vibe you can feel in the school between the students. With the extra activities organized by the school you get to know lots of things about the culture, the people and of course your fellow students. But because the teachers also participate in the activities you can use and improve the fresh and new knowledge.
For me it was an overall positive experience. And I will be back at Ecela wherever I can find them.

Bob Van Buggenhout- Ecela LIMA