Argentina Study Abroad Programs

Exciting adventures await when you learn Spanish through one of our Argentina study abroad programs. Whether you choose to spend your time at Ecela Buenos Aires or Ecela Mendoza, each school encourages students to discover the area, the culture, and the history of Argentina’s amazing land.

Argentina offers a rich landscape that will surely please any adventurous thrill-seeker. From the tropical regions of the north to the arctic beauty of the south, there is no better destination for variety.

Ecela Buenos AiresLearn Spanish in Buenos Aires
Regional center of tango, futbol, fashion, theater.

Ecela Mendoza
Learn Spanish in Mendoza
Gauchos and wineries in the Argentine Andes.

Our two Argentina locations provide unique cultural experiences and learning opportunities that are just as memorable as they are educational.

Buenos Aires is a beautiful port city that uniquely combines old-world charm and architecture with modern-day skyscrapers along the shores. The city boasts an appeal that has been compared to some of the greatest cities in Europe including Paris, Rome and Barcelona.

Ecela Mendoza, on the other hand, is magnificently situated along the eastern valley of the Andes Mountains. Mendoza is a hot spot for locals and tourists who are venturing out to the mountains for some outdoor fun. Whether it’s mountain climbing, hiking, boating or horseback riding, Mendoza is the perfect place to start your adventures.

Immerse Yourself in Argentinian Culture

Besides learning Spanish in Argentina, part of your studies will include immersing yourself in South American culture. From the moment you arrive, you will experience firsthand the passion for life that exudes from the wonderful people of Argentina on a daily basis. The culture is vibrant with street vendors, cafes, and formal fine dining – each showcasing the positive impact that food and friends can have when united in one place. You may find yourself sitting at an outdoor patio, sipping coffee and enjoying a tasty dessert while spontaneous music and dancing erupts right beside you. It’s moments like these that will make your stay truly unforgettable.

Argentina Vineyard Tour

Vineyard Tour & Wine Tasting


Also unforgettable is the traditional Argentinian cuisine. Meals in Argentina are certainly not taken lightly. There’s no such thing as grabbing a quick bite to eat. Instead, each meal is served with careful thought and preparation. When you sit down for a meal, plan on spending time with new friends, getting to know one another and making plans for the next delicious meal you’ll share together.

The arts, both classic and modern, are visible almost everywhere you look. Like many other cultures, Argentina is very proud of the accomplishments of its people. As you tour Buenos Aires or Mendoza, you will marvel at the inspiring murals and architecture. Special performances can be found, seen and heard almost every day in every city. Be sure to visit one of the many galleries, gardens, theaters and music halls to experience Argentina in all its artistic grandeur.

When you study Spanish in Argentina, you’ll have the opportunity to take cooking lessons, sign up for tango lessons, attend a local soccer match and even tour a vineyard. But the one thing that you definitely must do while learning Spanish in Argentina is visit an outdoor market. The outdoor markets are located in various plazas all around town and are usually bustling with activity on the weekends. Each market varies in style, but you will always find local vendors selling authentic Argentinian products no matter which one you choose to visit. There’s nothing better than munching on locally grown fruits and vegetables while taking in the culture around you.

As you can see, Ecela Spanish’s Argentina study abroad programs offer limitless options for your once in a lifetime adventure. Both Buenos Aires and Mendoza offer rich cultural experiences and endeavors that will not only expand on your knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language, but provide valuable cultural experiences as well. It’s time to go on an adventure like no other. Click the green button below and get more information on housing, course details, weekend excursions, activity schedules and more.


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Testimonials About Ecela Argentina

It was everything I had hoped for: accommodating, professional and effective.

I learned about Ecela from a friend. Based on his enthusiastic recommendation, I signed up for group classes and private lessons. It was everything I had hoped for: accommodating, professional and effective. Additionally, there were many great extracurricular activities. What I didn’t fully appreciate while I was at Ecela but am now realizing is that Ecela is a truly welcoming place. The staff cares for each other, works hard, strives for excellence and likes to have fun. As a student I became part of the “Ecela family.” Their caring, fun-loving attitudes extend to you, making Ecela a great experience.

by Carl N from USA


I had a better experience than I ever could have imagined.

When I decided to study at Ecela, I was looking for a school that had good classes and a comfortable environment.  But when I got there, I had a better experience than I ever could have imagined.

The class structure was organized, and the small classes helped me learn quickly.

Also the school’s excursions are a great opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.  The salsa classes and the barbecues were the most fun.

The school’s staff was really kind and professional.

I recommend this school to everyone.

by Leslie H from Barbados


I’ve learned a lot of Spanish, and made many new friends.

Today is my last day at Ecela.  I’m a little sad because I don’t like saying goodbye.  I spent two very educational and fun weeks here.  I’ve learned a lot of Spanish, and made many new friends.  I really love Buenos Aires.  Fortunately I can stay in the city for another two weeks before returning to the dark winter in Sweden.  A huge thank you to everyone at Ecela and above all to Pablo, my class’s excellent instructor!!

by Inger Söderqvist from Sweden


I originally signed up to go to the school for 6 weeks but liked it so much that I signed up for another 6 weeks and then again for another 8 weeks. True Story.

The staff are some of the most helpful and friendly people you will ever meet. Also the teachers are fantastic and extremely fun and interesting to learn Spanish from. One of my favorite parts of my experience was that I was always meeting new people from many different countries and walks of life.

I stayed in the student housing which was such a nice house and only 5 minutes from the school, and there I was able to truly get to know some of my fellow students and friends. Some of the people I met I now consider great friends and truly plan on seeing them again.

I originally signed up to go to the school for 6 weeks but liked it so much that I signed up for another 6 weeks and then again for another 8 weeks, true story.

by Burke Tipps from USA


I really liked all of the school trips, meet-ups, and parties that I went to while I was there. 

My experience in Chile with ECELA was the best experience of my life.  The school is very good, and the staff is very friendly, kind, and professional.  I really liked all of the school trips, meet-ups, and parties that I went to while I was there. 

I studied at Ecela for six weeks, and I learned quite a bit of Spanish with all of the instructors, who were really good.  Another thing that I liked a lot was meeting people from different countries and cultures. 

And I liked Chile a lot because the people there are “LA RAJAAAAA!”  They’re awesome, and this is such a beauuutiful country!!!

by Brenda Melo from Brazil