Spanish Immersion School in Santiago, Chile

“I originally signed up to go to the school for 6 weeks but liked it so much that I signed up for another 6 weeks and then again for another 8 weeks, true story.” – Burke T, Maryland

photos of our Spanish school in Santiago, Chile

Ecela Santiago: Roman Diaz 297 (Providencia) Phone: (2) 9186-711

ECELA Santiago

  • Prime Location On a quiet residential street in Providencia, convenient to local cafes and restaurants as well as important sites downtown and Bellavista.
  • Study in Comfort Our school in Santiago occupies a converted mansion, with large common areas including an outdoor patio area for churrascos..
  • Flexible Options Start any week of the year and study from one week to four months. No charge to switch to another Ecela school.
  • Scheduled Activities Learn to dance salsa, cook regional dishes, explore the nearby Andes, and much more. View descriptions of Santiago activities and excursions.

Why Study Spanish in Santiago, Chile

exterior of Ecela in Santiago

Outside ECELA Santiago, located on a quiet residential street in convenient Providencia.

Santiago, a city of 6 million residents, is a central starting point for many sports such as rafting, hiking, mountaineering (climbing) and skiing.

The city is situated in the center of Chile making it an appealing place to begin your travels, as other parts of the country and region are easily accessible from here.

Our school is located in Providencia, one of the best neighborhoods in Santiago.

It is the ideal location for your Spanish immersion school in Chile, close to many restaurants, bars, cafes, attractive parks, museums, cinemas and shops. Providencia is an upper-middle class neighborhood and is safe at all hours.

Ecela Santiago’s award winning teaching staff: (From left) Juan Olave, Silvia Nieto, Ingrid Fuentes, Rolando Pavez, Francisco Villagra, Roxana Gonzalez, Fernando Lobos.

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I wouldn’t hesitate one second to come back if I had the chance.

Wow, it was an amazing and unforgettable time at ECELA Santiago!

I came with only a few words of Spanish and left with so much more than expected: not only that I learned so quickly and easily the language because of the very good and friendly teachers who make learning Spanish fun and interesting and the good concept of teaching that combines class lessons and private lessons if you take an intensive course, but I also met some absolutely great people from all over the world and found some new friends.

I enjoyed my time at ECELA so much that I spontaneously decided to stay 2 weeks longer than originally planned and I wouldn’t hesitate one second to come back if I had the chance to.

It was definitively one of the best times of my life! Thank you ECELA amigos for everything, I’m still missing you all!

by Mara Frei from Switzerland

It’s like a big family full of student and staff :-)

What’s a GREAT time in ECELA Santiago!!! I stayed 10 weeks in the school, and I already miss it. My level increased a lot, more that I expected.

The classes are very interesting, the teachers very friendly and ready to explain again if you didn’t understand We laughed a lot, but always learning, big thanks to my teachers.

During all my stay, I met a lot of people from everywhere, and this was perfect to practice Spanish outside of the class.

I felt so good in this school, it’s like a big family full of student and staff :-) You, who read this message, go to ECELA. You will really enjoy, have fun, learn about Chile, Santiago, and of course Spanish.

by Mattieu LaCoste from France

The quality and caliber of instruction and curriculum is unparalleled.

The quality and caliber of instruction and curriculum is unparalleled. I have been a high school English and ESL teacher for the past eight years in California and I stand in awe of the natural talent, insight and mastery of the ECELA teachers.

I truly believe that teaching a language to a non-native speaker is one of the most challenging callings on earth. My two teachers, Ricardo and Francisco, were unbelievably talented, patient and engaging in their instructional strategies and classroom management. As a teacher myself, I know the challenges of language instruction. I can truly say that in my career as an educator, these two teachers are the two most talented and effective in their classroom practice.

by Wendy Savinar from California

The time I spent at ECELA exceeded all expectations…

The time I spent at ECELA exceeded all expectations that I had going in. The teachers were absolutely amazing, and we also had a great time as a group going out on the town and experiencing the night life, as well as a host of other activities.

I also had the opportunity to volunteer at a local YMCA where I helped teach English which was very enjoyable and fun. All in all, I would recommend ECELA to anybody looking to learn spanish and have an amazing time in Latin America!!

by Nick Batlle from USA

Now, Spanish is like a second native language to me

Spanish School in Santiago Chile – In 2006 I took an intensive two month course at ECELA while I lived in Chile for six months.  I had a great time from the very first day: the teachers were nice, their classes were really entertaining, and I learned a ton of things. 

I also met a lot of people (other students) from different countries at ECELA.  Also, I really liked all of the activities that ECELA offered every week: excursions, cooking classes, soccer games…I wasn’t bored for a second.

I took one of the prep courses and passed the DELE with a really good score.  Now, Spanish is like a second native language to me, thanks to ECELA and the instructors (I’m still in contact with some of them).  The months I spent at the school have been some of the best months of my life!!

by Susanne Meier from Germany

More about Ecela Santiago:

School Video & Map – Many images of the school, activities, plus student feedback.  At the bottom of the page you will find a streetmap of our location.

Activities & Excursions – Top out-of-class social & cultural activities plus our most selected video of Santiago tourism.

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