Travel Your Way to Spanish Fluency

Learn Spanish in South America & 

fall in love with its cultures (and people)

  • Natural Teaching System  "Learn by doing" (real communication) instead of just studying and memorizing.   (Ref: article on studying vs. learning)
  • Conversation-Focus  Lots of speaking time so you won't "just be good on paper"
  • All Levels Appropriate for 'total beginner' thru 'nearly fluent'

Clockwise from left: using Spanish at a Peruvian artisans' market, learning to make empanada, coffee break between classes, Stephanie (Belgium) at Machu Picchu, the excursion from Cusco

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Learn Spanish at Any School...or All of Them

Spanish Immersion Program

Spanish Course

Top teachers guide you with caring (but demanding) instruction.

Mini-group classes are split between grammar and conversation, so you won't just be "good on paper."

Classes - Details & Photos

Cultural Activities

Classes are supplemented with cultural activities, such as learning to cook empanadas (above).

Weekend excursions include trips to nearby nature or historic sites.

Activities - Details & Photos

(Optional) Homestay

Live with a local host to get additional Spanish practice (and true cultural immersion).

You may also share an apartment with other students.

Housing - Details & Photos

Meet Some Ecela Students

Ecela's locations of Spanish schools in South America

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