Study Spanish in Buenos Aires (Updated)

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires and take part in the alluring culture which includes amazing food, music, dancing and so much more. Walking around the nearby area, you’ll find tons of great bars, restaurants, cafes, parks, museums, movie theaters and shops.

The school is centrally located, only a few minutes away from the subway, buses and student housing. While studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, many of our students find that there are endless opportunities to have some fun away from the classroom as well. Whether it’s learning how to cook the finest Argentinian cuisine from alfajores to empanadas or enjoying an impromptu tango break on a Sunday afternoon, there’s plenty of fun to be had when you learn Spanish in Buenos Aires.

The school building itself is constructed in the traditional porteño style with marble stairs, mosaic floors, a terrace and several balconies. There are 15 classrooms and several common areas where our students can enjoy breaks with free Internet access.

Ecela Buenos Aires

At Ecela Buenos Aires, our goal is to help Spanish language students of all levels exceed expectations. Not only do we want students to exceed their expectations from an educational standpoint, but we also want them to learn Spanish in a comfortable environment and be encouraged to go out and explore the culture around them.

  • Prime Location.  This area is close to the shopping, cafes, and restaurants that make this one of the most exciting districts in the city.
  • Study in Comfort. Our large, 15-classroom building is comfortable, spacious and peaceful.
  • Flexible Options. Start any week of the year and study from one week to four months with no additional charge if you decide to switch to another Ecela Spanish school.
  • Scheduled Activities. Learn to dance Tango, go to a soccer game, tour a local estancia, and much more.

While your initial intention for visiting Argentina may be to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, you will surely leave with much more. By incorporating tours, excursions and other fun activities in your itinerary, you will fill your journey with unique experiences available only in Buenos Aires.

How to Find Ecela Buenos Aires

Ecela Buenos Aires: Pringles 1441, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +54 11 4383-7706

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