3 Good/Bad Fits for Ecela

Overview of Spanish needs best suited to our programs.

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Our conversation-centered courses are best suited to three groups of students.  Are you in one of them?

Should you join us at Ecela?

To help answer that question, we’ve developed a list of three types of students for whom our conversation-heavy program is a good fit, and three for whom we might not be the best choice:

Good Fit

If you fit any of these cases there is a strong chance our teaching strength (developing your speaking and listening abilities) line up well with your Spanish goals.

You will likely benefit from our conversation-centered approach if your Spanish will be for:

Travel or Relocation:
If you want to travel to Latin America or even live here, our program matches up well.
With schools in three countries—Argentina, Chile and Peru—you have several ways to explore Latin America and improve your language skills by interacting in real-world settings with Spanish speakers. Solid speaking and listening skills will elevate your experience from “observant tourist” to “participating foreigner”.

Work or Volunteer:
If you need to speak Spanish for your job or volunteer work, we can help.
We’ve helped people working in, or preparing for, many fields requiring strong Spanish communication skills, as is often the case in North America. This includes jobs such as teachers, nurses, doctors, counselors, police officers, and lawyers, as well as those of you who volunteer in their communities or even here in Latin America.

Personal Life & Relations:
If your family and/or friends speak Spanish, we’re a good fit.
Conversational Spanish is part science, part art—and we know how to help people embrace both aspects so they feel comfortable communicating in Spanish in their family and social circles. Deep bonds are made through conversations, and we’ll give you a solid foundation and training to prepare for them.

Not-so-good Fit

Some students have goals that are not very compatible with our program.

Need a Formal Writing Emphasis
If you need to focus on formal writing, you might want to look for another program.
A major focus of our coursework  is focused on oral communications—speaking and listening. So if you need to learn to write academic research papers, business contracts or official translations, you’d be better served at a school more focused on grammar and less on conversation.

Just Want a Minimum Language Requirement
If you just need to learn Spanish to satisfy an external requirement, we’re probably not the right school for you.
Our courses are relatively challenging and tailored to students who are serious about learning to truly communicate in Spanish. If genuinely speaking Spanish is not a goal and you only want a certificate and/or a “number of contact hours”, you might fit in better at a less challenging school.

You Intend to Live/Travel in Spain
If you will need Spanish as spoken in Spain, we are not a good choice.
While you can certainly “get by”, the accents and vocabulary used in Spain are different than those used in Latin America. In this case, a quality school in Spain would work better for you.


If you think you’d be a good fit, please contact us to see how we can help you to meet your Spanish goals, and have some fun along the way.

… it was really the friendly atmosphere created by teachers and staff that contributed to such a positive experience.

Attending Ecela´s spanish school in Vina del Mar has been a highlight of our trip to South America. My wife and I initially enrolled for 5 weeks and signed on for 4 more after that. All of the teachers and staff were so incredibly nice, patient, flexible, and extremely helpful, not to mention exceedingly knowledgeable. They were friendly but professional, and classes were both challenging and a lot of fun.

Most importantly, we were very pleased with how quickly we learned and improved our spanish abilities. We enjoyed the activities and the bottomless cups of coffee (or tea), but it was really the friendly atmosphere created by teachers and staff that contributed to such a positive experience.

by Jeff Martin and Agatha Ritter-Martin from USA

The school has a team of young, nice professors and a kind atmosphere

I’ve been attending Ecela Viña del Mar for three months.  When I got here, I had a good foundation in Spanish, and I’ve been able to improve a lot.  Now, I know all the verb tenses, some sayings, and a few chilenismos.  It’s enough for me to have deep conversations.

Viña del Mar is a clean, calm place with amazing beaches and spectacular nightlife.  It’s the perfect place to learn Spanish!

The school has a team of young, nice professors and a kind atmosphere.  Also, the school organizes activities that are great for meeting the other students.  In short: VIVA ECELA VIÑA DEL MAR

by Patrick B from Switzerland

Now, Spanish is like a second native language to me

I took an intensive two month course at ECELA while I lived in Chile for six months.  I had a great time from the very first day: the teachers were nice, their classes were really entertaining, and I learned a ton of things.

I also met a lot of people (other students) from different countries at ECELA.  Also, I really liked all of the activities that ECELA offered every week: excursions, cooking classes, soccer games…I wasn’t bored for a second.

I took one of the prep courses and passed the DELE with a really good score.  Now, Spanish is like a second native language to me, thanks to ECELA and the instructors (I’m still in contact with some of them).  The months I spent at the school have been some of the best months of my life!!

by Susanne Meier from Germany

The classes were well run with interesting and dynamic teachers.

I spent 2 weeks at the school in Mendoza and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Both the school and city have so much to offer. The school was intimate and more like a family than an impersonal school. The classes were well run with interesting and dynamic teachers. The staff were great fun and always willing to help and ensure that I was happy with my classes, the family I was staying with and the city. I would definitely recommend the school to anyone wanting a more personal experience.

by Lorna P from England


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