6 Types of Ecela Students – Which One(s) Are You?


Some past Ecela students
People that join us in Argentina, Chile, or Peru include:
  • Professionals who want to get past language barriers and bring their services to an often under-served population
  • Travelers who want to get off South America’s beaten path and use their language skills to open cultural doors normally sealed off to non Spanish-speakers
  • Retirees who want to live part-time in Latin America and don’t want to be stuck on the outside looking in
  • Relatives of Spanish-speakers who want to finally develop bonds beyond superficial greetings
  • Linguists who enjoy the challenge of working toward fluency in the world’s 2nd most spoken language
  • Students who look forward to the unfair advantages from having “fluent in Spanish” on job and grad school applications
It’s hard to feel out of place…As Jerry Wang (Illinois) put it:

Going on one of these trips is absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. It’s better than just traveling or vacation because you actually gain some skills from it.  

I’ve met about 200 people, ranging from 18-75 yrs old. There were students, pilots, dean’s of universities, teachers, VPs of companies, small business owners, lawyers, etc. from all over the world.