About Activities & Excursions

If you are like most of our students you are coming to South America for much more than Spanish classes...

You also want to experience the local culture, meet new people, and explore the nature.

Typically we have three weekday after-class social/cultural activities and a weekend excursion day-trip.

To get a feel of Ecela beyond the classroom, check out these photos: ​

Exploring pre-Incan ruins in Lima, Peru.

Volunteering at an under-resourced children's center. 

Local traditional holiday festival

bike trip to explore the Andes

Joseph B at Machu Picchu

Albert, here on the Chilean coast, began studying Spanish again after a 50+ year pause

Eva Peron's tomb in Recoleta Cemetery (Buenos Aires)

Mendoza-area vineyard with the Andes in the background

Sandboarding in Ica (day excursion from Lima)

Norbert, retired Austrian prison warden, studied in 3 Ecela schools 

Learning to prepare regional dishes

Boating on Tigre Delta (one hour from Buenos Aires)

Nature reserve near Viña del Mar, Chile

Andrew, Canadian engineer, explores the streets of Cusco 

Rafting the Rio Mapuche (near Santiago, Chile)

Salsa dancing for beginners

Archaelogical sites outside of Cusco, Peru

Lex (Australia) and new friends

View from a weekend hike outside of Mendoza, Argentina

Cabalgatas (horseback riding) on the shore near Buenos Aires

Pottery lessons from a local artisan

Weekend hike in the mountains of Peru

Linsday on an excursion to southern Argentina

Volunteering with Techo Para Chile

Gualaguaychu - Argentina's carnaval

Adventurous retiree, Dave C, at Chilean coastal dunes

Exploring the streets of Cusco

Peruvian food, often considered South America's best

Nature walk close to Lima, Peru

Weekend bike adventure in the Andes

Boarding the train to Machu Picchu

Teresa examining ancient culture

Practicing Spanish at artisan market

Student group at Iguazzu Falls

Transportation for a day of biking

Aerial view of Iguazzu Falls

Learning to make Pisco Sour, popular in Chile and Peru

Surprise birthday party for a teacher

Getting away for a weekend in the nature

Cecilia heps prepare traditional empanadas

Daniel R, a retired New York schoolteacher, as a student in Peru. 

Volunteering in Santiago, Chile

Animal rescue center in Peru


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