About Spanish Classes in South America

You will be putting us in charge of improving your Spanish quickly and enjoyably.  Here is the daily structure:

  • Fundamentals Two lessons (one teaching hour = 50 minutes of class time) of traditional instruction, such as grammar and structure.  Max 7 students per group.
  • Recreo  20 minute break for the teachers to re-charge while you enjoy free drinks and refreshments and catch up with other students and staff.
  • Conversation  A class focused only on conversation.  This way you get lots of speaking practice so you don't end up "just good on paper."
  • Field Practice  Take advantage of the "Spanish everywhere environment" by practicing your Spanish with your homestay, at the market, dining out, with your neighbors, etc.

All teachers are college-educated native Spanish speakers

Preparing for a farewell luncheon in Peru

Students helping each other during class 

One-to-one tutoring to focus on individual trouble spots

"Language lab" - practicing Spanish with your hosts

Between classes at Ecela Buenos Aires

About 20% of Ecela students are 55+

"For the first time in my life I woke up looking forward to class...and dreaded days off." 

Real-world Spanish practice - volunteer tutoring in our local communities 

Spanish Instructor at Ecela Mendoza

Free coffee, tea, and snacks between classes

Classes are kept small for lots of individual attention 

"I'm just blown away by how good all the teacher are" - Gerald (New Jersey)

Free wifi access to stay updated with life back home

Conversation sections (50% of class time) are limited to four students

Between Spanish lessons at Ecela Mendoza (Argentina)

Peruvian food samples at Ecela Lima

"360 degrees of Spanish" - using new language skills at artisan market 

Ecela teachers know that you are willing to be pushed... 

..but they are also your friends

Inside a Spanish class at Ecela Santiago

Intimate environments help you stay focused (in contrast to a lecture setting)

Caring but demanding instructor at Ecela Buenos Aires

Andrew (green pullover) at a teacher's surprise birthday party

Additional tutoring for your special interests