Dates & Prices

Start Dates

At Ecela all six of our schools are open 52 weeks per year.

However, we have several peak seasons throughout the year where spots can be tight.  Use this form to check availability.​

Class Fees

Class prices are the same at each of our schools.  The prices below are the maximum cost per week.  Discounts up to 25% apply for multi-week programs.

There is also a small once-lifetime administration fee of $100.​  That covers you at all Ecela schools now and in the future.

Programs are from 2-24 weeks.​  (For content comparison, 6 weeks is about two college semesters or high school years)

Holidays....National holidays are not made up and are factored into the pricing.  Contact us if you want to know the how holiday schedule lines up with your plans​.


10 private & 10 group lessons

10 Hours One-to-One

(max 8 students)


10 Hours Conversation

(max 4 students)

  • Cultural Activities
  • Materials Included


No credit card required.


20 group lessons

10 Hours Fundamentals

(private tutor)


10 Hours Conversation

(max 4 students)

  • Cultural Activities
  • Materials Included

$290 / week

No credit card required.

* Discounts from 5-33% available for programs 3+ weeks.  Contact us for details.  

Housing Fees

Accommodations through Ecela, either Homestays or Shared Flats, are only available to active students.

Housing through Ecela is optional and you can find your own housing for all or part of your trip.​

To keep things simple, most people schedule housing AFTER arranging the course.​

  • PERU

Homestay w/ Breakfast & Dinner:  $260/week

Shared Apartment (no meals):  $165/week​

FAQ - Dates & Fees

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