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All schools share the same schedule and curriculum so you can easily combine them for a multi-culture / multi-accent experience.

2019 Prices

Group (7 Students)   $240/week 

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Private Instruction  $710/week 

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  1. First-time student setup fee is a one-time charge of $100 and is valid across all Ecela schools for your lifetime.
  2. A week of courses is about 20 teaching hours (one teaching hour = 50 minutes)
  3. Regular holidays are factored into the pricing and classes are not rescheduled.
  4. Minimum program length is one week and you may book up to 6 months.  (Average is 4 weeks)
  5. To book a course you only need to know your location (1st if multiple) and your start date.  You do not need to know your program length.
  6. Housing (optional) price varies by location and season.
  7. Course materials are included in the weekly price.

2019 Dates

Classes begin each Monday.


However, class sizes are kept small, so we encourage you to book early.


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