Our Spanish Immersion Fluency Pathway

How do Ecela Spanish students reach fluency so quickly? While the concept of studying Spanish abroad means different things to different people, one truth remains – the absolute best and only way to truly immerse yourself in South American culture is to experience as much as you can every moment of every day.

To create the most effective, enlightening, and enjoyable experience for students, both culturally and academically, our Spanish immersion courses provide four essential pathways to fluency with goal of helping students make the most of their study abroad trip to Argentina, Chile, and/or Peru.

Group discussion at Ecela Viña del Mar

The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals portion of our Spanish immersion curriculum consists of fun (yet demanding), intimate sessions focused on Spanish grammar. These courses are designed to provide students with the basic framework that will allow them to seamlessly move forward onto more advanced language practice.


The Conversation portion of the program focuses on oral communication. The speaking component of language development is widely considered the most important part of the whole learning process. Each Conversation course is broken down into small group sessions with just 4 students per group.

Field Practice

While studying in a classroom with expert instructors is great for student development, Field Practice is where our Ecela Spanish students get the opportunity to gain more confidence and take what they’ve learned in class out in the real world.


Homestays are optional but highly recommended for all Ecela Spanish students. Staying with a local host family provides unique observational and cultural learning that can only be simulated in the classroom setting.

Get Started Today

Embracing each of these four components of our Spanish immersion pathway to fluency will enable you not only to achieve the goal of speaking and writing fluently in Spanish, but also give you a wealth of memories, experiences, conversations and milestones that will forever be a part of your life and future adventures. Learn more about available courses and destinations today.