Having a strong grasp on Spanish grammar will only get you so far. Speaking the language regularly and putting your grammar skills into verbal practice is ultimately what will help you take the next step towards fluency.

Our two-hour, conversation-based Spanish courses focus on just that – verbal communication and group discussion. The speaking component of language development is widely considered the most important part of the whole learning process, and unfortunately, it’s a component that’s often missing from online and self-study Spanish programs.

Group discussion course

For the Conversation portion of our Spanish immersion program, we purposefully reduce the group size from eight students to four, giving everyone frequent reps and opportunities to listen, respond and learn to converse with others naturally. Our goal is to equip students with verbal communication skills that go well beyond basic topics like greetings, weather and telling time. Each group discussion course delves into deeper, more engaging topics that will serve to be very beneficial to students as they immerse themselves in local South American communities each and every day.

Ecela Spanish students can expect a wide range of discussion topics centered around current events and real-world conversations – topics that will more than likely come up while they explore the city outside of class. To see which Conversation classes are currently open, fill out our Check Availability form today.