The Fundamentals

Essential to acquiring both verbal and written skills with any language is knowing and demonstrating proper grammar.

While locals will be delighted that you are wholeheartedly attempting to speak their country’s language, your conversations will be that much more engaging and effective if you are using the right verb choices, pronoun genders, and sentence structures.

Fundamentals course at Ecela Spanish

Since there are only eight spots available to students in the Fundamentals portion of our Spanish immersion curriculum, you’ll not only get plenty of one-on-one instruction, but you’ll also have the ease and convenience of learning right alongside other students who want to learn, improve and master their Spanish grammar skills as well.

While much of your learning will be put to use in your daily conversations with students, instructors and everyone you meet exploring the city and beyond, your grasp of proper grammar usage can be naturally utilized in the written form as well.

Whether you’re writing a letter home in Spanish to your loved ones or leaving a note in Spanish for a nice waiter at the corner café, formulating your words and sentences succinctly and correctly will be appreciated, acknowledged and admired by those you choose to communicate with.

Each two-hour course includes formal snack and restroom breaks where students can relax and mingle with one another until the next session begins. Check out available Fundamentals courses in the city of your choosing today!