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Lima is a city full of history, culture, endless beaches, beautiful mountains and an abundance of learning opportunities. Also known as the City of the Kings, Lima has managed to hold on to traditions that date all the way back to pre-Incan times. While strolling through the streets and squares of this historic region, students will be able to get a glimpse of ancient Peruvian culture and see why many of these traditions remain so important to the city today.

Ecela Lima is located on the city’s coast in the prestigious neighborhood of Miraflores where you’ll find tons of upscale restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, parks, shopping centers, beaches and many other contemporary tourist attractions.

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Ecela Lima

Many of Peru’s top tourist destinations, including Cusco and Machu Picchu, are in close proximity to Ecela’s Lima location. With flexible course schedules and readily available activities and cultural resources, students will have plenty of opportunities to apply their Spanish skills outside of the classroom.

Outside Ecela Lima in Peru.

Outside Ecela Lima

  • Prime Location. Located on a residential street that’s just a short walk from Miraflores’ cliff-side ocean views and parks, Ecela Lima is a convenient central meeting point for must-see destinations.
  • Cultural Center. As the central cultural hub of Peru, Lima offers a unique blend of colonial and modern architecture styles with manageable transportation to the jungle or mountains.
  • Flexible Options. Start any week of the year and study from one week to four months with no additional charge to switch to another Ecela school.
  • Scheduled Activities. When you learn Spanish in Lima, you’ll be able to take surfing classes, learn how to cook Peru’s famous ceviche dish, visit nearby ruins and much more.

Top Local Activities in Lima

Cultural Activities at Ecela Lima
Parrilla de Bienvenida – Upon your arrival to Ecela Lima, you will be invited to join other students, staff and locals in a welcome party. Here you’ll have the opportunity to get to know others while sampling some of the local cuisine for the first time.

Culinary Lessons – Since Lima is conveniently located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, seafood is a staple in the kitchen. Ceviche is perhaps the most popular seafood dish in Peru and makes an excellent appetizer. But Peru’s vast land provides an abundance of rich agricultural resources that are frequently used in local kitchens as well. Be sure to sign up for a cooking class to supplement your Spanish language studies and learn how Peruvian cuisine is inspired by not just local resources, but European and Asian influences, too.

Festejo in Lima, Peru

Traditional festejo dance in Lima

Festejo Dancing – This local dance has been described as energetic, festive and bold. Festejo emerged from coastal Peru and has an Afro-Peruvian ethnic charm to it. You can see the dance being performed at local festivals and clubs on any given night. It is a unique cultural mix that is distinct to the people of this diverse city. At Ecela Lima, you can sign up for Festejo dance lessons as part of your Spanish immersion journey in Peru.

Explore the City – The city of Lima is truly remarkable. When you think about its history you realize that much of the architecture has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. There is so much to see and do in Lima from exploring the downtown area with friends to bike and bus tours. Exploring the city is a great way to practice the Spanish you’ve learned and deepen your study abroad experience.

Unforgettable Weekend Excursions Near Lima

Plan a Day Trip to Caral – The Sacred City of Caral is an archaeological site that was once a thriving metropolis dating back to 2600 B.C. This ancient site covers over 150 acres and includes plazas, temples, residential buildings and more. The sheer magnitude of the site should be witnessed in person in order to fully appreciate and enjoy.

Ciudad de Caral

Ciudad de Caral

The Temple of Pachacamac – Pachacamac is another historical archeological site located in Peru. You won’t have to venture too far outside Lima to visit the Temple of Pachacamac, which has been known to attract tourists all over the world for its cultural significance and ancient religious relics.

Swim with Seals in Lima, Peru

Swim with seals

Islas Ballestas Tour – The Islas Ballestas are the best known ecotourism spot on the Peruvian coast. Located just south of Lima off the shore of Peru, these islands are a wildlife sanctuary for animals such as birds, seals, sea lions and even penguins. As you approach the islands you’ll notice that they are composed mostly of gorgeous rock formations that serve to protect the animals inhabiting the island.

Visit Canta – For a breathtaking trip away from the city, visit the town of Canta which boasts one of Peru’s best views of the Andes mountain region. Canta is a wonderful place to explore the great outdoors and the surrounding lush landscape. You can plan activities near the Chillón River or hike the trails going up along the mountain. No matter what you hope to experience on this getaway, the tranquility of Canta will surely be enough to satisfy.

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Learn More About Lima

Want to learn more about Lima? Check out these resources and travel guides to get a feel for the city.

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How to Find Ecela Lima

Ecela Lima: Benavides 2848, Miraflores 15074, Peru
Phone: +51 1 745 7246


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Previous Ecela Lima students awarded the school with an aggregate rating of 4.61/5.


Many thanks to all my teachers and the whole staff for their patience.

I’m a 55 year old Woman which decided to learn ‘Espanol’. I took private lessons and after 4 Weeks I was able to communicate and Spanish whatever was needed on my trip around Peru. Many thanks to all my teachers and the whole staff for their patience. I can strongly recommend Ecela in Lima. Thanks a lot to all.

by Priska Maeder from Switzerland


Lima is famous for its fine restaurants and I took advantage of this (too many times, according to the scales).

I have attended classes in three Ecela locations (and counting): Lima, Cusco, and Viña del Mar. All three have been positive experiences and I would not hesitate to recommend any of these fine schools. I gained more weight in Lima than in the other two locations because Lima is famous for its fine restaurants and I took advantage of this (too many times, according to the scales).

Get thee hence.

Denny (age unknown, but older than you)

by Denny Robinson from USA


I was in need of a smooth introduction to the culture and the language.

With plans of staying in Lima and attending the university for 5 months, I was in need of a smooth introduction to the culture and the language. ECELA Lima offered me just that.

The 4 weeks I have spent here has been very enriching, both linguistically and socially! I have learned a lot of Spanish, and met a lot of new people, which was exactly what I wanted, so my experience at ECELA has been great!

The professors are very helpful and patient, and they teach not only language, but about Peruvian culture as well. Socially the school is well organized with daily activities and weekend-trips, and of course plenty of fiestas!

by Vidar Lien Amundsen from Norway