Activities and Excursions in Mendoza

Guided wine tours in Mendoza

Fun Activities Around the City

Driving Tours

Due to the rich, mountainous scenery Mendoza provides, driving tours are an excellent way to experience the city’s vast landscape firsthand. Whether you rent a car and drive yourself or ride along with a local guide, there are many interesting routes that will let you see the city like you’ve never imagined. Click here for more information about scheduling wine and city driving tours in Mendoza.

City Sightseeing

While you’ll surely do some sightseeing on your own while studying Spanish in Mendoza, we recommend signing up for a bus tour around the city where you can learn more about Mendoza’s unique history and experience some incredible views including a view over the entire city from the top of Cerro de Gloria.

Calle Aristides Villanueva

If you’re looking for something to do in Mendoza to cap off the night, we recommend visiting Calle Aristides Villanueva. This is Mendoza’s nightlife hub and has plenty of sidewalk bars, clubs and restaurants to keep you busy. Like many cities in Argentina, the people of Mendoza tend to live a “night owl” lifestyle. Although the nightlife in Mendoza is slightly more relaxed compared to Buenos Aires, there is still plenty of fun to be had late into the night. You can read more about the nightlife in Mendoza here.

Weekend Excursions and Day Trips

Andes Day Trip

Having a view of the Andes Mountains is one thing, but actually hiking and experiencing the mountains up close is nothing short of spectacular. There are many different types of tours available that can take students from Mendoza to the Andes Mountains for an exciting all-day adventure. Check out Lonely Planet’s guide for more information about scheduling an Andes day trip.


Like Buenos Aires, ranches and estancias are an important part of Mendoza’s culture. One great estancia to visit near Mendoza is El Puesto. El Puesto is located near the scenic villages of Los Arboles. The villages here are surrounded by mountains, making it a great area for horseback riding, hiking and exploring the countryside. El Puesto is about a 2 hour cab ride from Ecela Mendoza.

Uco Valley Wine Experience

Uco Valley is a popular grape vine cultivation in Mendoza that spans more than 1,000 acres. Nearly 500 acres are currently under vine – most of which were planted in 2007 or later. Located near the Andes Mountains, Uco Valley’s vineyards are scattered with mountain rocks and experience mild, dry weather, which helps produce wines that are brighter in flavor. Click here for more Uco Valley excursion ideas.