Mendoza Destination Guide

Mendoza mountain landscape

Popular Spots

The city of Mendoza is located near the Chilean border, which provides students with amazing views of the Andes Mountains. Mendoza is one of Argentina’s most popular tourist destinations and caters to everyone from wine enthusiasts to adventure travelers by offering rafting, mountaineering, horseback riding, hiking and plenty of other sporting activities.

Plaza Independencia

Many Latin American cities feature a central plaza and Mendoza is no different. The city is built around Plaza Independencia, which is filled with traditional markets that sell Argentinian clothing and souvenirs. Four smaller plazas are situated two blocks from each corner: San Martín, Chile, Italia and España. Click here to learn more.

Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno

This modern art museum is one of Mendoza’s must-see attractions. The museum is just a mile east from Ecela Mendoza and features a variety of contemporary art exhibits and musical performances. Click here for more information.

General San Martín Park

This beautiful park was named after the General San Martín who led the Argentine War of Independence (a monument of this liberator stands on top of Glory Hill). Although the park was built in 1898, the iconic wrought iron gates at the main entrance featuring Mendoza’s coat of arms were not installed until in 1909. The park is just one mile west of Ecela Mendoza. Click here to learn more about the park’s history.

Familia Zuccardi

If you want to learn about traditional agriculture in Mendoza without the crowds and commercialism of the wineries, check out the olive groves. At Familia Zuccardi, you can pick your own olives and taste a variety of olive oil products. Familia Zuccardi is located about 25 miles east of Ecela Mendoza.

Chacras de Coria

Chacras de Coria is a small, old-world town in Mendoza located right alongside the Andes Mountains. Chacras de Coria is a prime destination for experiencing Argentina’s famous wine culture as it’s home to a wide variety of vineyards and guided wine tours. Learn more about Chacras de Coria’s popular tourism opportunities.

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