Activities and Excursions in Viña del Mar

Boating in Viña del Mar

Fun Activities Around the City

Visit Valparaiso by Boat

Schedule a coastline boat tour for a fun experience that will give you a unique look at the Pacific coast and the port of Valparaiso. This port was once Chile’s most vital spot for importing and exporting. The coastline tour is a popular activity among visitors and locals alike as it provides a view of the city that is absolutely breathtaking. Check out some of the top-rated boat tours and water sports available in Valparaiso.

Elevators of Valparaiso

The elevators of Valparaiso were originally created as a means of transportation throughout the city. Today, they’ve become an adored tourist attraction. This cable car tour is a great way to explore the five neighborhoods of Valparaiso with a view like no other. Learn more here.

Casablanca Valley Wine Tours

Casablanca Valley is known around the world for its winemaking. A tour of the vineyards in this area is a great way to sample locally made wines and learn more about the winemaking process. Casablanca Valley is about a 35 minute drive from Ecela Viña del Mar. Check out this travel guide to learn more about nearby wine tours in Casablanca Valley.

Weekend Excursions and Day Trips

Isla Negra Day Trip

Isla Negra is a coastal town and the location of yet another home of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The home was shared with his 3rd wife and constructed to look like a ship. This home is where the couple spent most of their time, and in fact, the home is also where they are now both buried. After your tour of the house, you can spend the rest of the day relaxing along the coast and bask under the beautiful Isla Negra sun. Click here for more information.

Las Dunas de Concón

A desert paradise by the sea, las Dunas de Concón is located just 13 miles north of Ecela Viña del Mar. From sandboard cruising to picturesque views, these dunes are a must-see attraction for students and visitors. Learn more about las Dunas de Concón here.

Reñaca Beach

Reñaca is home to six distinct beach areas just outside of Viña del Mar. Students can reach Reñaca via a brief, 20 minute bus ride. This white sand beach is great for surfing and features beautiful hiking paths along the coast. Learn more about the Reñaca beach area here.