Viña del Mar Destination Guide

Downtown Viña del Mar

Popular Spots

Viña del Mar gives students the opportunity to learn the Spanish language both inside the classroom and out. We encourage students to mingle with locals, explore the city and engage with the community.

Museum of Archaeology and History Francisco Fonck

Viña del Mar is also known for its many museums including the Fonck Museum, one of South America’s most pristine cultural centers. The museum features a unique variety Easter Island artifacts and is a great place to learn more about Chile’s rich history and culture. The museum is located about 2 miles north of Ecela Viña del Mar.

Viña del Mar International Song Festival

The annual Viña del Mar International Song Festival is arguably the most popular music festival in Latin America. The festival is held every year in late February and has featured a diverse range of musical acts including Elton John, Carlos Santana, Morrissey, Franz Ferdinand and several local South American performers. Learn more at Viña del Mar’s official website.

Wulff Castle

Wulff Castle is a historic cultural site that’s open the public six days a week with free admission. And even when the castle’s not open, it’s one of  Viña del Mar’s most picturesque destinations with its beautiful views overlooking the sea. Click here for more information.

La Campana National Park

A truly beautiful region, La Campana National Park is one of Chile’s most famous natural reserves and features the stunning Bell Mountain. If you make it to the summit on a clear day you can see both the Pacific Ocean and mount Aconcagua. From the lakes and streams to the waterfalls and rock formations, you’ll be exposed to a plethora of natural beauties during this outdoor adventure. Click here to learn more.

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