Family Volunteer Vacations

Planning a family volunteer vacation can be incredibly memorable and rewarding. With so much to do and see in South America, family volunteering abroad is one of the best ways to get a culturally immersive experience that’s fun for all ages. Ecela Spanish works closely with amazing volunteer programs throughout Argentina, Peru and Chile. Our family volunteer vacations give you the opportunity to explore new countries, give back to local communities and relax under the sun at an affordable price.

Learn Something New

Family volunteer vacation in ChileFamily volunteer abroad programs provide new learning experiences for both parents and kids. Immersive exposure to South American culture will help your family broaden and gain new perspectives on life. The educational value of a volunteer trip abroad is truly priceless.

And the best part? Family volunteer vacations inspire children to get more involved and make volunteer work a bigger part of their lives back home, too.

Types of Family Volunteer Projects

Once you decide where your family would like to volunteer, we can work with you on planning the perfect experience. We can discuss shared interests, passions and more to determine which volunteer project is the right fit.

Whether it’s working with local communities, the environment, wildlife, or all of the above, Ecela Spanish has built a strong network of family volunteer opportunities abroad for each family’s unique preferences.

We encourage parents to join their children in the classroom as well. Our Ecela Spanish courses are designed to help all students reach Spanish fluency, no matter the age or experience level.

Is Your Family Ready for a Volunteer Abroad Experience?

Family volunteer vacations can be a life-changing experience, but they can also be a bit of a culture shock for children and families who have very little intercultural travel experience. If you’re interested in our family volunteer opportunities abroad, there are a few ways you can prepare and determine if your kids are up for the trip.

Before planning your family volunteer vacation, make sure you talk with your children about some of the things they can expect. As a parent, this might require some research on your end, but it’s important that children feel comfortable with some of the social and economic differences they will be exposed to.

It also helps to explain some of the cultural eccentricities your chosen destination might have. Popular food items, common clothing and general conduct are all things your family can learn about and discuss prior to planning your trip.

But ultimately, parents know their children best. If you think your family is ready to volunteer abroad with Ecela Spanish, click the green button below for more information.