Psychology Study Abroad

Ecela Spanish’s psychology study abroad program helps students prepare for their future by mastering their Spanish language skills while examining the important role of psychology and its applications in South America. By combining Spanish language studies with guest lectures, visits to addiction treatment centers and more, you will diversify your skillset within the field of psychology and broaden your understanding of this fascinating subject and the cultural psychology of Spanish-speaking countries including Argentina, Peru and Chile.

Santiago sceneryOur Ecela Spanish schools exist in optimal locations for combining Spanish language studies and social work. Students will have opportunities to learn about the economic strains on South America’s poor and also give back to communities via volunteer work with different local organizations. This practical experience aids both aspects of your education, as you will be able to practice your Spanish and participate firsthand in the social services available to low-income natives in both the public and private sectors of South America.

Study Abroad Psychology Program Details

  • Spend up to 9 Weeks in South America – Study psychology abroad in Chile, Peru or Argentina.
  • Social Services Field Exposure – Our psychology study abroad programs provide additional Spanish role-playing and vocabulary classes, volunteer work in real-world organizations and insightful guest lectures.
  • Earn up to 9 College Credits – When you study psychology abroad with Ecela, you will receive up to 9 weeks of standard Spanish immersion coursework, which is the equivalent to three college semesters.
  • Live with a South American Host – For many of our psychology students, the homestay is a major highlight of the program. But you can also choose to live with other students in a shared flat. Housing is included in tuition.

Why Study Psychology Abroad with Ecela?

At Ecela Spanish, psychology study abroad students get to work closely with like-minded people, observing and assisting social service workers in real South American organizations. Each student will have the opportunity to learn more than three semesters of college Spanish and experience authentic cultural immersion with a host family on a regular basis.

All our school locations share the same core principles:

  • Great Teachers – When we hire Spanish instructors, we primarily focus on two things: effectiveness and empathy. If we can make students wake up looking forward to class, then our teachers have done their job.
  • Small Class Sizes – With a maximum of 8 students per fundamental course and 4 students per conversation course, we ensure you’ll get plenty of reps for rapid progression. Once you master the fundamentals, actually speaking Spanish in a conversational manner with your classmates is where fluency is made. Our small class sizes keep students more engaged and create a more participatory learning environment.
  • Cultural Integrations – Not only will your heightened cultural awareness help you make a bigger impact in your psychology profession, but being able to use your Spanish out in the field the very same day you learn it will also help improve vocab retention and Spanish communication skills.

Our psychology study abroad programs are carefully designed to deliver rapid improvements with only 4 hours of class time a day, leaving students with lots of free time for cultural explorations. As Spanish becomes more and more prominent in the United States, bilingual psychologists, social workers and school counselors are needed now more than ever. And with an increasingly high number of social services positions requiring Spanish fluency, your psychology study abroad experience with Ecela will separate you from other job candidates in the field and give you an edge on the competition.

There is no minimal level of Spanish experience required for our psychology study abroad programs. We have a variety of courses available for beginners, experienced speakers and everyone in between.

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