Te Presentamos: Sondra Hirsh

Learning and using Spanish idioms is an enjoyable way to speed to fluency and impress the locals!

Before I arrived at Ecela, Buenos Aires, I had never studied Spanish except for a short period of working with a tutor and a small amount of self-teaching. Basically, I knew nothing.

I have been here for three weeks and am astonished by how much I have learned and know. I have a very large vocabulary and understand the structure of the Spanish language, including four basic verb tenses and many idioms. Of course, I am not fluent, but I am able to engage in simple conversations and can make myself understood in more complex situations.

In addition to the formal program, the entire Ecela staff has consistently demonstrated an interest in each student, including their safety and comfort as well as their learning. As an older woman traveling alone, I appreciate knowing that Ecela goes above and beyond the call of duty. I am sad that I must leave now, and wish I could stay longer.

- Sondra Hirsh, Florida, USA