Housing Options

Special housing and accommodations are available for Spanish language students enrolled in our full Ecela Spanish program (20+ lessons/week). All family homestay and shared apartment options are handpicked to provide students with the best and most comfortable living environments possible during their stay.

Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Lima, Cusco, Santiago and Viña del Mar each have their own unique Latin American flavor – and our accommodations reflect that. We also understand that each Ecela Spanish student is unique as well, which is why we do our best to ensure that our student living arrangements meet and satisfy a wide range of preferences. Learn more about exclusive features and benefits of each accommodation below.

Family Homestay

For the full Spanish immersion experience, we always encourage Ecela students to take advantage of our family homestay opportunities. Our host families are carefully selected and each student is provided with a private room and access to all common areas. Double beds are also an option for couples depending on availability.

Your host family will provide breakfast and dinner every day. If you have a special diet or allergies, please let us know and we’ll help you find the right family for you.

For many of our students, family homestays end up being one of the most rewarding experiences they have while studying abroad. There’s so much your host family can teach you about the Spanish language and South American culture to help you gain additional knowledge and insights outside the classroom.

Shared Apartment

Our other housing option is the shared apartment. There’s no meal plan with this accommodation, but you’ll have full access to a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals and store food. A housekeeping service will take care of common areas once a week, but cooperation with roommates and other students is necessary to keep individual rooms clean.

Your apartment can be shared with other Ecela Spanish students or with locals in the area. The size of your shared living space can vary from a 3-bedroom apartment to a house with 10 rooms. You’ll be placed depending on availability at the time of your reservation.

Shared apartments are a great option for students who want to combine the Spanish immersion experience with meeting new friends. All apartments are fully furnished and equipped.

Students may choose between a private room or a shared room with a same-sex roommate. Click here for more information on available courses and housing.